Alexanna Wonder: Blog en-us (C) Alexanna Wonder (Alexanna Wonder) Wed, 11 Apr 2018 15:33:00 GMT Wed, 11 Apr 2018 15:33:00 GMT Alexanna Wonder: Blog 120 83 Rape Recovery Center This year, the Rape Recovery Center asked me to develop a way to get more, better artists to donate their work to the RRC's Hope and Healing Fundraiser.  It's been issue-some for them as the artists aren't consistent, available, or even bring in work.   You'd think it was a just a stereotype of artists being flakes, but I've been talking to people in the community as to why they aren't wanting to participate.  Flakiness isn't really a factor.

The main complaint is one of frustration and a lack of respect.

What happens in the art community is that artists often have a hard time selling work or getting it seen.  Artists are asked and expected to give away work for free ALL OF THE TIME.  Often the artists end up giving their work away to a cause and then watch as the work is sold for hundreds or even thousands of dollars.  Most of the time, artists don't get a cut of that.  It's a common frustration that has led to artists wanting to back out of the activism community or at least not contribute their best work.  The venue is being paid for, the food is paid for, the tickets are paid for, the staff are often paid for...........

Why should artists be expected to give up their work for free when no one else involved is?  As an artist and an activist, I get that mentality.  

So I thought...wouldn't it be nice if we offered our best to the artists right from the beginning?

When the Rape Recovery Center asked me to help them, I came up with the idea of juried exhibition.  Have the artists submit their work so they can have an opportunity to show in a gallery space, offer prize money for the top three winners, get people's awareness up for Sexual Assault Awareness Month, and advertise the upcoming Hope and Healing Gala.    

The craziest part of the whole thing is that The Rape Recovery Center was completely on board with supporting the creative community in this way!!! Its the first year they are trying the exhibition, and I hope that it leads to more opportunities for artists in activism.  

Morgan Stinson, the Development Director at the RRC advocated for me in a huge way and I couldn't have done this without her partnership and leadership.  

This is our first year trying to involve the artists in this manner, so its all risky, brand new, and exciting! 

I hope you will submit your work April 11th from 4-8 at the Downtown Artist Collective and come to the show on April 13th, 2018 at 7pm. See you there!

p.s here is a link to the entry form and additional information about the show:










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I am, we are 


If not good at loving

"Bacchanalia" July, 2017 

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Witch-N-Bitch Hey! I am hosting my very first Witch-n-Bitch on November 1st. It's a free event and I'd love to see you there. Let's talk about where creativity and spiritual practice meet!

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Birthday Shenanigans I am an age they tell me is called 28.  

I am still rolling in leaves.  

I am a wood nymph. 

I have no age. 

Vincent took these, I edited! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA



P.S Thanks, Vincent for the awesome photos.  I edited.

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Conjure, The Art Show

design by Emma and Adelaide Ryder

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Preorders are Here! Preorder The Conjure Oracle Deck and The Cyanotype Deck for 25$ off the show price! These are limited edition so get 'em before they vanish into another dimension! 

There aren't words for how amazing this feels.  

It's been a long time coming and I couldn't do it without you.   

Serious shout out to my esteemed Patrons!

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Upcoming Shows and Festivals A couple months ago, I got the first prototypes of the tarot and oracle decks.  I began the process of finding shows and submitting my work for evaluation.  I was excited for many of the opportunities, especially because my mentor at the UMFA was working with me on an exhibition proposal.  Addie and my work was ultimately was accepted at Downtown Artist Collective for a month long show in August and my own work was accepted independently to the Urban Arts Festival in September.

I will be selling ready made decks and original pieces! 

I'm extremely excited and I will post more updates soon.  There is a lot happening in getting my work shown, but I hope all is well and I hope to see you there.










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Promotional: Sign Up For My Patreon!

Ghouls who sign up by the end of today get a free 3 card tarot reading! 

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ON PAPER: A HOUSE SHOW One of the gripes about museums and galleries is that, to some extent, it can be intimidating or boring to people who haven't studied the arts.  Sometimes, it feels elitist and geared mostly towards the sorts who are already educated in art history. On the artistic side, it seems near impossible to find shows that don't require higher fees to enter or percentages we have to give up if a sale is made.  This, in its way implies that an artist already has to have a certain income to participate.

This has led to a trend of people opening up their homes and turning them into galleries.  I started reading about apartment galleries in 2014 and in 2016, I started going to small shows in the local D.I.Y Punk community. Intrigued by the idea of circumventing the state of things and romanced by the rebellious spirit of putting on performances in homes, I decided that this was an excellent way to get to know the artists.  It didn't hurt that performers were outrageously talented and willing to talk about their work in depth.  

These factors united last summer when some of my friends and I got together several times over 3 months, started planning, and ultimately ended up with sponsorship from Shades of Pale, ACME, and Replicolor to put on our own backyard gallery.  Most of our efforts in set up were our own as the companies didn't supply money so much as beer and gift certificates.  My S.O's were kind enough to help with set up and deep cleaning and eventually we placed and hung the work.  We did put out some press releases on public calendars and submitted to local press, but most of our incoming traffic (which numbered at least 250 people) were brought in by posters we had left around the neighborhood and friends we had invited.  Doug and Denny both sold pieces as well.  We were very proud and elated.

A show could be put on and attended in somewhere like a shed.    

Here are some images from that afternoon before the show:

On Paper On Paper On Paper On Paper On Paper On Paper On Paper On Paper

More on house galleries:







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Husbatron 2017


Still shooting film, still practicing everyday.

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BVD Process: Step One, Cyanotype Cyanotypes are a beautiful blue mixture of painting and photography.  It is one of photography's oldest processes, where ammonium iron(III) citrate and potassium ferricyanide are mixed in equal parts and painted onto a paper and exposed under the sun or UV box.     



- cyanotype formula A and B 

- gloves

- watercolor paper

- droppers (marked A and B)

- plastic cups 

- paintbrushes

- cup with water for the brushes


Step One: Prep Yo' Paper/Yo Gloves

Dim the lights.

Moisten your brush in the cup of water just enough that it won't soak up the cyanotype fluid. 

Cut the pieces of watercolor paper down to the size you'd like them to be, tape the sides down if you want a clean line.



Step Two: Mix the formula

Put on your Gloves! 

Make sure that you marked the droppers so the chemicals aren't mixed by accident in the bottle.  Using the droppers, measure and mix equal parts of formula A and B in a cup.  

You don't need much.  40 drops of each will cover an 8 x10 inch surface area.

After mixing the formulas, dump the cup out on the paper and brush it around.

Let the paper dry in the dark or dim room.  When the paper finishes drying, place your paper. 


Step Five: Gather Materials and Place Negative or Materials on the Paper.

Step Four: Exposure

Expose the plates in strong sunlight or UV box until satisfied or 15-20 minutes.The longer the exposure goes, the deeper the blue and the more stark the contrast becomes. 

Step 5: Rinse for at least 20 Minutes 

Step 6: Taaa-Daaa!    

Allow to dry.  Your cyanotypes are done.  


More on cyanotypes:



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Black and White I'm still shooting several times a week, mostly black and white film nowadays. 

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The Sun

Last weekend I hosted a party/photo shoot where I invited several friends to dress up as their favorite tarot cards and pose in my studio.  I even dressed up as the Sun after a make-up mishap.  Currently, I am shooting on my Diana F+ and have been double exposing 120mm film.  It's been a real change to shoot intuitively and freely without worrying too much about perfection.  

One of my Patrons recently asked me what my method was, how do I achieve these images?  Do I photoshop?  

I'm actually pretty lazy as far as my own work and photoshop goes.  This is mainly because I have to achieve photographic perfection when I work for the museum and I find it draining and time consuming anywhere outside of work.  In my own creativity, I tend to use photoshop very little unless I am touching up images to get rid of fuzz and dirt, fixing the exposure, and adjusting contrast. Overall, the images are created in camera solely on chance and a willingness to experiment with exposure, light filters, and failure. I like to leave them messy and beautiful because I feel that, in some way, it reflects the experience of the subject more truthfully.  Plus, I enjoy process far more than the end results.  In the end, I think my training in traditional media and my obsession with art history takes over because my photographs tend to look very much like a painter made them.  

On the positive side, the Sun represents warmth, optimism, luck, and positive energy.  On the negative side, it represents set backs, overconfidence, and temporary depression.  

It's rainy and snowing here in Utah and it shows no sign of letting up.

I hope there is warmth and sunshine in your life today! 








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Spring Awakening This is a sample from my Patreon project.  Typically, I post an image and write the Tarot card's meaning.  This one is especially funny because I pre-programmed the next couple of weeks and even though this card is called Spring Awakening it is SNOWPOCALPYSE outside.  Clearly my psychic skills need work.


Winter isn't quite gone, but Spring is hinting at its arrival in the occasional soft breeze.  It's slightly warmer than its been and its slightly brighter, too.  The trees are shuddering off the rotten and dried berries still clinging to them from last year, but  there so much newness and excitement in the air that even wrinkled berries look like buds from the right angle.
This card is also overwhelmingly purple. I find purple to be a color of optimistic balance.  Color association is often a personal and cultural affair, but if it resonates with you, consider these artistic meanings:
1) Purple is not a color that often reveals itself naturally in nature therefore, it's often been associated with mysticism, magic, royalty, wealth, euphoria, wisdom, imagination, vanity, rank, and even mourning, ambiguity, and materialism.
2)Purple is a balance between the cool blues and passionate reds.  So, often the color can represent harmony of multiple and contradictory feelings.
3)Purple is the color of mourning in Thailand, royalty in Japan, and also pride in bisexuality in the LGBTQIA community.  
Ask Yourself:  What does this color represent for me?  Are you full of buzzing energy?  What are your upcoming plans to harness this energy? Are you being swept away by new energy?  Am I being balanced?
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It's All In Your Head It's All in Your Head - 2013It's All in Your Head - 2013


I sold this piece last December and it's been on my mind quite a bit in recent weeks. The first reason is that I sold it to a healer who identified with it and second, one of my dearest friends came forward to tell me they were seeking therapy.  This is one my friend's favorite pieces of mine, they had helped me print the final versions way back in 2013, and I made it at a time when they were also one of the people on the front lines helping me through depression. 

At the time, the sounds of crows around my home were as constant to me as the repetitive, frustrating thoughts and feelings I had been repeating in my mind.  Some phrases were self generated, but mostly they composed of the things I internalized from others.  I didn't believe animals carried messages quite yet.  The crows certainly got me curious due to the fact animals featured in my artwork heavily at the time.  Artists don't have the luxury of including animals just because they like them.  You have to justify every decision in a piece of art.  

I love crows but they still make me profoundly tense whenever I hear them or see them.  They remind me of a terrible time in my life.  It's the same creepy feeling I got when my Reiki I teacher told me once you start down the path of being a healer you cannot quit.  I still haven't decided what they mean to me, but at the time they came to represent depression's annoyances and strengths.

After I was released from therapy, I tried wearing depression like a crown and chose not to be afraid and not to hide it.  I focused on my hope to heal.  Some people get healed from depression, many don't.  I didn't.  I just had to learn to live with it.  Everyday is different, some good, some bad.  I still have crazy anxiety and it often halts my life in really unproductive ways.

But it also helps me understand people's pain, it gives me a point of empathy. I try to talk about it candidly and sometimes others have used it a point to learn from.  People don't talk enough about the struggle of mental illness.  There is no place for it in a patriarchal, capitalistic society where emotions aren't handled well and people who are sensitive to them need more help. 

Even I chose to blog about it rather than Facebook posting it because I feel safe here to do so.

I tried a lot of different things to get better.  It took 2.5 years before I found a councilor that worked well for me, it took 3 afterwards to get a handle on life on my own.  It's only in the last couple of years or so I've been having more good days than bad.  My journey to really heal started in 2010 (although I had been struggling since 2005), that's 7 years.  I build a day at at a time because it doesn't matter how fast you go, it just matters that you keep going.  It helps that my art has found it's voice.  

  I had amazing support from my friend and my husband.  I had inspiration from others I met, a counselor I loved, and two professors who cared. Not everyone has that support network. I hope that any struggles my readers go through become a source of strength and understanding for yourself and those around you.  

These two resources were so helpful to me getting better.  I hope they are never need, but if they are do I hope you have the support to seek treatment or help someone else.





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2016 In Review, Upcoming Plans 2017 Last year was a doozy.

At the beginning of last year, I committed myself to 100 days of photography and writing about the images.  I always took at least one shot. I didn't always get them up online or write about them.  One thing led to another and I started a Patreon focusing on film and alternative photographic processes. artist statement never made it online.  The posts that made it into the world were about minutiae more than anything worth while.  It's embarrassing and frustrating to have that be my base for my work.  At the same time, it's incredible to see how much my style has improved over the year by staying focused on a particular goal.  Being able to quantify growth with something tangible is comforting. 

I admit, my work may have began with an interest in minutiae but it grew into a powerful series experimenting with concepts of memory.

Confabulation became the theme of my year.  You can see it in how my images, once clean and precise, begin to double expose, morph, and become like memory itself.  Emotional, fuzzy, grainy.  Full of mystery and mistakes.

Behold: the clear, pretty image of Vincent in October 2015: 

Vs. The wild mystery of Vincent in September 2016.

Perhaps it was a better understanding of who he is or a better understanding of who I am that made the images better.

In 2017, I am promising more film and more sustenance.

Happy New Year.

Good luck!



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Patreon Update Hey There, Faithful Readers! 

A tiny update on my blogging's.  

I've been working hard on my Patreon Tarot Project using both photography and my drawing skills.  Things have been going magnificently. Here is one of the drawings for the Tarot Deck (please forgive the photo. My digital camera is in the shop.):

And here is one of the photographs of the Oracle Deck:

I would really love it if you came over there to read my art blogs and see the work I've been doing.  Unlike here, I am paid to post for my blog, so posts go up every Monday without fail and you get rewards for supporting me with cash monies.  With the amazing support I've gotten from my patrons, I was able to buy some more film and even get the first sample tests ordered and shipped out into the world  Anyone who supports with 9 or more dollars a month gets a monthly subscription of my artwork.  Truth be told, I love my patrons so I send mystery gifts to my lowest contributors as well.  

Everything helps. Everything is appreciated.

Come be apart of my project.  It's 1/2 witchy fun and 1/2 experiencing fine art in an intimate way.



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I'm on Patreon! Hey readers, if you have been following me for a little bit you know I've redone my website!  I loved the old design, but I felt didn't reflect my whole portfolio.  With a wave of a magic mouse, I put up drawings, paintings, and new photos!  If you've followed me on Instagram or are a friend on Facebook, you may also know that I am into anything magical.  My interests span from the fluff of Harry Potter to the lengthy Dark Moon meditations of local Pagan groups.  I've also been in love with various tarot and oracle decks from pretty early on in my childhood.  As a youngin', it was the powerful imagery and knowing the future that pulled me in.  Later on in art school, it was like seeing the entirety of an artist's portfolio in your hands.  The intimate way I got to experience the work was really exciting; it was completely different from my experiences in galleries and museums. 

One of my beliefs is that art work is intimate and therefore should be experienced intimately, be it touched, talked about, argued with, or simply looked upon. 

Another belief is that art, like tarot, is experienced intuitively. An artist can attribute certain meaning and intention, much like a creator of tarot, but ultimately its up to the viewer to decide what the art means for themselves. 

I saw an opportunity to combine my artwork with one of my long time fascinations.

My witchy side commanded the cards be made, the artistic side demanded the cards created, and thus I obliged. 

Check it out! I'm on Patreon



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Day XXX of 100 Days of Photography Alright. I am SO bad at keeping up with blog posts that I have no idea where I am at...but I am pretty sure I've completed my 100 days.  I've been doing a lot of film lately, so being able to post must wait until the film sees development.  In the meantime, here are some digital photos of recent adventures!

Where to begin?  I suppose with the obvious: Vincent and I have been together for one year! Hurrah!  This is a particularly magnanimous occasion because I am polyamorous and dating in open relationships fucking sucks as much as dating in monogamy. 

Except when it works. 


  Vincent and his wife Rose have been long time friends of mine and my husband's.  They've been open relationship-ing for longer than most everyone we know.  Between being friends and sharing the open relationship struggle, we've all leaned on each other in one form or another for a long time.  Vin and Rose even dropped me off on one of my very first dates as a poly-lady.  Vin and I didn't start seeing each other right away, but life led us to each other a year ago.  Vin and I saw an opportunity in each other to grow so we grasped hands and ran.  We ran so far away.  We ran all night and all day.

(Okay, I'll stop. But seriously. I've run so much this year with him as part of an exercise regime.)

Vin really wanted to meet my family, and Joe and I really wanted to go home.  Rose was intent on SLC Comi-Con, so Joe, Vin, and I traveled to Idaho as a triad.  I introduced Vin to my immediate family and to my in-laws.  It went, in a single word, beautifully.  Mine and Joe's family is one of pure love.  We were nervous as hell considering the irregularity of our situation; however, Vin's and Dad's mutual POG obsession united them in geekery, and Vin's ongoing romance with my dog Eva endeared him to my in laws.  It was a short, treasured trip. 

After Vin and I returned Joe safely back to Utah, Vin and I embarked on our vacation to southern Idaho.  We stopped frequently along the way and camped out at the Spiral Jetty.  I don't know if there is a more lovely, introspective, quite place on this Earth.  When night hits the Jetty, it becomes awash in pinks, oranges, and cotton-candy blues that are just breathtaking when they fade into the deep purples of night. 

Vin and I cuddled until the moon sank into the lake and the Milky Way undulated above us.



After our magical night, we drove to Boise and Nampa so I could show my artwork and make a door for a fundraiser.  The funds raised will go towards Habitat for Humanity.  We ate at my favorite sushi bar, drank delicious beers, and we swam in the pool.

(^^^week-long mood^^^)

Vin took most of the digital shots.  He's quite the shutterbug.  Most of my photos are still being processed because they are film, but I wanted to post some of his images.  He's a really talented photographer.

We finished the week with a massage at the Kuradoor in Utah, and then decided we needed to celebrate more later in the week.  When the official day of our first date came, we got dressed up and did a 50's pin up shoot at home and at the state fair.  Again, I really want to show you these photos but they are still at the developer.  I did take a couple of photos with a digital implement. 

This one, I'll leave you with. 

(You're welcome.)


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Interview Questions

As part of winning the Urban Arts Gallery Connect night, I was asked to answer some questions for the upcoming grant competition.  Here be my answers:

a.  How did you become interested in the arts?

I think it was ingrained in my DNA from birth, as my parents and step parents are all artists of some kind.   My mom said I was four when I told her I wanted to be an artist and go to college.  As I grew up, I would get art supplies or instruments as gifts or they would help me fund raise for dance competitions.  

My desire to make art a profession came when I was 11 or 12.  My best friend was, and still is, the most talented artist I knew.  We would compete frequently through middle and high school to see who could make the best drawing or short story using characters from anime and video games we watched.  Eventually it became a competition on who had the most original idea or mastered a technique.  She always was better at comics and fantasy work, so I developed myself more towards the traditional arts to stand out.  Competition turned an early interest into an addiction of sorts.

b. How does art benefit your daily life?

Learning how to have a conversation with a piece of art really has informed how I live my daily life.  On average, people look at a piece of art work for two seconds or less and judge the experience quickly.  It doesn't matter how many hours, days, weeks, months, or years and artists spends drafting their piece, the viewer barely takes time to notice subtlety.  But, if one stops and really takes the time to delve deep, sometimes an unsavory piece of work becomes likeable, one finds an even deeper enjoyment for a piece that was automatically loved, or something a person enjoys shows serious flaws.  They way humans experience life is very similar.  Sometimes one has to stop and really have a deep look at what is going on to appreciate the subtlety.  Yeah it's slower and more difficult, but what you gain from doing the work is so much more meaningful.  

b. What inspires you?

The ever futile yet extremely necessary attempt to encapsulate deep spiritual and emotional meaning in visual imagery.  And repeated viewings of the Labyrinth and The Dark Crystal.  

c. What medium do you work with?

I work with all sorts of mediums depending on my intention. Photography, collage, and ink are for immediate gratification.  My favorites are oil paints, graphite, and charcoal due to their intimate and meditative quality.

d.  What was your favorite project? How did it affect you as an artist?

My favorite project was my B.F.A series, "Rooted In Identity", a graphite diptych of a man and woman facing each other with different plants growing out of their heads.  They sort of solidified the subject matter I am interested in as an artist in a lot of ways, but it also made me realize that I needed my alone time and space to be an effective creative.

e.  Is your artwork for sale?  If so, where? (To promote our participating artists.)

Yes. Right now, "Rooted In Identity" is for sale at the Urban Arts Gallery.  Typically, I work as a freelance artist or sell my work through personal contact via Facebook and Instagram.  I like to do studio visits as well so people can check out the projects I am currently working on and get to know my artwork as a whole.  

I can be contacted through  

d.  What are other hobbies you enjoy in your free time? (Get to know the artist on a personal level)

In addition to being a visual artist, I also perform as a belly dancer (specifically American Tribal Style).  Currently, I'm evolving my dance skills to include sword dancing and fire spinning.  I also run, hike, and take my puppy snuggling very seriously.

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