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My Favorite Photos From Last Year

January 27, 2016  •  Leave a Comment
"Longing is sexy. It’s full of devastation, but it’s also full of hope."
-Melissa Broder
"Just take the damn photo."
These are my favorite photos from the last 6 months. Earlier last year, I was really concerned with technical skill, how to make the photo "right" but sometime around September I just got fed up and instead tried to incorporate an element of the poetic into my work: the ephemeral, the lonely, and the poignant.  Looking at Tarkovsky's work really had a part to play in because he is very aware of the passage of time and the indefinite nature of life.  I took this idea and changed my habits to also capture the passage of time as well. I don't sit down with people to shoot anymore, I'm looking for small, private moments amongst myself and my friends as we walk life together.  


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