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Patreon Update

November 07, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Hey There, Faithful Readers! 

A tiny update on my blogging's.  

I've been working hard on my Patreon Tarot Project using both photography and my drawing skills.  Things have been going magnificently. Here is one of the drawings for the Tarot Deck (please forgive the photo. My digital camera is in the shop.):

And here is one of the photographs of the Oracle Deck:

I would really love it if you came over there to read my art blogs and see the work I've been doing.  Unlike here, I am paid to post for my blog, so posts go up every Monday without fail and you get rewards for supporting me with cash monies.  With the amazing support I've gotten from my patrons, I was able to buy some more film and even get the first sample tests ordered and shipped out into the world  Anyone who supports with 9 or more dollars a month gets a monthly subscription of my artwork.  Truth be told, I love my patrons so I send mystery gifts to my lowest contributors as well.  

Everything helps. Everything is appreciated.

Come be apart of my project.  It's 1/2 witchy fun and 1/2 experiencing fine art in an intimate way.





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