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Spring Awakening

February 27, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

This is a sample from my Patreon project.  Typically, I post an image and write the Tarot card's meaning.  This one is especially funny because I pre-programmed the next couple of weeks and even though this card is called Spring Awakening it is SNOWPOCALPYSE outside.  Clearly my psychic skills need work.


Winter isn't quite gone, but Spring is hinting at its arrival in the occasional soft breeze.  It's slightly warmer than its been and its slightly brighter, too.  The trees are shuddering off the rotten and dried berries still clinging to them from last year, but  there so much newness and excitement in the air that even wrinkled berries look like buds from the right angle.
This card is also overwhelmingly purple. I find purple to be a color of optimistic balance.  Color association is often a personal and cultural affair, but if it resonates with you, consider these artistic meanings:
1) Purple is not a color that often reveals itself naturally in nature therefore, it's often been associated with mysticism, magic, royalty, wealth, euphoria, wisdom, imagination, vanity, rank, and even mourning, ambiguity, and materialism.
2)Purple is a balance between the cool blues and passionate reds.  So, often the color can represent harmony of multiple and contradictory feelings.
3)Purple is the color of mourning in Thailand, royalty in Japan, and also pride in bisexuality in the LGBTQIA community.  
Ask Yourself:  What does this color represent for me?  Are you full of buzzing energy?  What are your upcoming plans to harness this energy? Are you being swept away by new energy?  Am I being balanced?


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