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The Sun

March 23, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Last weekend I hosted a party/photo shoot where I invited several friends to dress up as their favorite tarot cards and pose in my studio.  I even dressed up as the Sun after a make-up mishap.  Currently, I am shooting on my Diana F+ and have been double exposing 120mm film.  It's been a real change to shoot intuitively and freely without worrying too much about perfection.  

One of my Patrons recently asked me what my method was, how do I achieve these images?  Do I photoshop?  

I'm actually pretty lazy as far as my own work and photoshop goes.  This is mainly because I have to achieve photographic perfection when I work for the museum and I find it draining and time consuming anywhere outside of work.  In my own creativity, I tend to use photoshop very little unless I am touching up images to get rid of fuzz and dirt, fixing the exposure, and adjusting contrast. Overall, the images are created in camera solely on chance and a willingness to experiment with exposure, light filters, and failure. I like to leave them messy and beautiful because I feel that, in some way, it reflects the experience of the subject more truthfully.  Plus, I enjoy process far more than the end results.  In the end, I think my training in traditional media and my obsession with art history takes over because my photographs tend to look very much like a painter made them.  

On the positive side, the Sun represents warmth, optimism, luck, and positive energy.  On the negative side, it represents set backs, overconfidence, and temporary depression.  

It's rainy and snowing here in Utah and it shows no sign of letting up.

I hope there is warmth and sunshine in your life today! 









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