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One of the gripes about museums and galleries is that, to some extent, it can be intimidating or boring to people who haven't studied the arts.  Sometimes, it feels elitist and geared mostly towards the sorts who are already educated in art history. On the artistic side, it seems near impossible to find shows that don't require higher fees to enter or percentages we have to give up if a sale is made.  This, in its way implies that an artist already has to have a certain income to participate.

This has led to a trend of people opening up their homes and turning them into galleries.  I started reading about apartment galleries in 2014 and in 2016, I started going to small shows in the local D.I.Y Punk community. Intrigued by the idea of circumventing the state of things and romanced by the rebellious spirit of putting on performances in homes, I decided that this was an excellent way to get to know the artists.  It didn't hurt that performers were outrageously talented and willing to talk about their work in depth.  

These factors united last summer when some of my friends and I got together several times over 3 months, started planning, and ultimately ended up with sponsorship from Shades of Pale, ACME, and Replicolor to put on our own backyard gallery.  Most of our efforts in set up were our own as the companies didn't supply money so much as beer and gift certificates.  My S.O's were kind enough to help with set up and deep cleaning and eventually we placed and hung the work.  We did put out some press releases on public calendars and submitted to local press, but most of our incoming traffic (which numbered at least 250 people) were brought in by posters we had left around the neighborhood and friends we had invited.  Doug and Denny both sold pieces as well.  We were very proud and elated.

A show could be put on and attended in somewhere like a shed.    

Here are some images from that afternoon before the show:

On Paper On Paper On Paper On Paper On Paper On Paper On Paper On Paper

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