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April 11, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

This year, the Rape Recovery Center asked me to develop a way to get more, better artists to donate their work to the RRC's Hope and Healing Fundraiser.  It's been issue-some for them as the artists aren't consistent, available, or even bring in work.   You'd think it was a just a stereotype of artists being flakes, but I've been talking to people in the community as to why they aren't wanting to participate.  Flakiness isn't really a factor.

The main complaint is one of frustration and a lack of respect.

What happens in the art community is that artists often have a hard time selling work or getting it seen.  Artists are asked and expected to give away work for free ALL OF THE TIME.  Often the artists end up giving their work away to a cause and then watch as the work is sold for hundreds or even thousands of dollars.  Most of the time, artists don't get a cut of that.  It's a common frustration that has led to artists wanting to back out of the activism community or at least not contribute their best work.  The venue is being paid for, the food is paid for, the tickets are paid for, the staff are often paid for...........

Why should artists be expected to give up their work for free when no one else involved is?  As an artist and an activist, I get that mentality.  

So I thought...wouldn't it be nice if we offered our best to the artists right from the beginning?

When the Rape Recovery Center asked me to help them, I came up with the idea of juried exhibition.  Have the artists submit their work so they can have an opportunity to show in a gallery space, offer prize money for the top three winners, get people's awareness up for Sexual Assault Awareness Month, and advertise the upcoming Hope and Healing Gala.    

The craziest part of the whole thing is that The Rape Recovery Center was completely on board with supporting the creative community in this way!!! Its the first year they are trying the exhibition, and I hope that it leads to more opportunities for artists in activism.  

Morgan Stinson, the Development Director at the RRC advocated for me in a huge way and I couldn't have done this without her partnership and leadership.  

This is our first year trying to involve the artists in this manner, so its all risky, brand new, and exciting! 

I hope you will submit your work April 11th from 4-8 at the Downtown Artist Collective and come to the show on April 13th, 2018 at 7pm. See you there!

p.s here is a link to the entry form and additional information about the show: 












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